We’ve made the scrapping application EASY for owners and it's 100% FREE

TOLL FREE LINE 0860 159 159

We’ve made the scrapping application EASY for owners and it's 100% FREE

TOLL FREE LINE 0860 159 159


Step 1: Compiling and Completing Mandatory Application Documents

  • Scrapping Application form completed by the owner of the vehicle (original)
  • Banking Details Form (original)
  • Identity Document (certified copy)
  • Valid Operating Licence (original and certified copy)
  • Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate (certified copy)
  • Stamped Bank Statement (original); Cancelled cheque (original); or a Letter from the bank stating all banking details on a bank letterhead (original)

Important note:

  • All certified copies, stamped and dated bank statements must not be older than three (3) months.
  • Only original and/or original certified copies of documents will be accepted.

Step 2: Submit your forms and supporting documentation to TRSA Provincial Site Offices

  • Submit your application forms and all supporting documentation to the appropriate TRSA office in the province in which your operating licence was issued.
  • Your application will be captured and you will be handed an application receipt that will include a TRSA reference number.

Important note:

  • Always use your reference number when following up on your application with the TRSA.
  • Applicants with OLs issued in Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga may submit their applications to the TRSA Gauteng provincial site office. It should be noted that your vehicle will be called for a physical vehicle inspection at the TRSA provincial site office in which your application was submitted.

Step 3: Your Documentation is Verified

  • The TRSA will verify the information presented in the application forms and supporting documentation.
  • All operator, vehicle and operating license details per application will be verified with all relevant authorities.

Step 4: Physical Vehicle Inspection

A TRSA Call Centre Agent will schedule a vehicle inspection date with you and you will be requested to bring in the following documentation:

  • Original Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Original Certified copy of ID
  • Original latest stamped Bank Statement

If your vehicle passes physical vehicle inspection, you will be issued with a Vehicle Receipt.

Important note:

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully before signing the vehicle receipt.

Step 5: Your vehicle is deregistered

  • If your vehicle passes the physical vehicle inspection, you will be requested to complete an Application for Deregistration (ADV form) and your vehicle will be subsequently deregistered on e-NaTis.

Important note:

  • That all outstanding licenses fees and fines must be fully paid prior to deregistration.

Step 6: Payment

  • Payment will be made into your bank account via EFT on successful deregistration.

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